This is real hope, so many people gathering on a weekday at such short notice.

Finding Employees

Biggers has spent the last six months mobilizing fellow students to pressure the city council into adopting more stringent measures to address climate change. Thunberg rallied an enthusiastic, young crowd, flush with high school and university students, many of whom had made their own signs to greet her. Claire Carlson, a senior studying geoscience, environmental science and business at UI from Ottumwa had joined friends from the Environmental Science Club at the rally. I think it means that more people are starting to understand the need for impactful legislation with regards to climate change.

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Carlson, like her friend Emma Hartke, will be able to caucus next February for a Democratic candidate. Thunberg has become adept at using Twitter to spread her message, but does she enjoy using it?

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There are many different ways to find the right person: Recruit your employees yourself Networking with others — Word of Mouth Job boards, online postings Placing ads in newspapers or posting signs Referrals from employees Social Media Use a temp agency Use a staffing agency There are a few essential steps you should take in order to fill your position regardless of how you decide to recruit your employees: Define your employment needs.

What are the essential functions of the position to be filled the primary reasons this position exists in your business, the top job duties?

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A job description, either formal or informal, will help to define the requirements of the position when recruiting and hiring the right person. Read this article from the SBA on writing effective job descriptions.

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Develop interview questions. Your questions should be relevant to the position, legal, and consistent for each candidate. Look for a good fit for your company's culture as well as the right skills.

Take notes on a separate piece of paper not the job application or resume. Check personal and professional references for each final candidate. Learn more about background checks from the FCRA.

Certified Copies of Vital Records (Births, Deaths, & Marriages)

Temp Agencies Recruiting yourself requires you getting the word out to friends, colleagues, the public and anyone who might be interested in working for your company. There are several reasons companies may use a temp agency to fulfill employment needs: Companies that have fluctuations in the workload due to peak production periods Seasonal operations Employees on vacation or leave of absence New business or growth that requires additional employees quickly The desire to do a "trial" run with a prospect prior to hiring Staffing or recruiting agencies focus on finding the right candidate for the position based on criteria defined by the company looking to hire and typically charge a percentage of the first year salary for the service.

Iowa Employer's Disability Resource Network EDRN partners are here to provide technical assistance, information, resources, and training to help you effectively recruit, hire and retain qualified employees. EDRN can provide consultation and resources to create a welcoming environment for applicants and employees with disabilities by assuring your facilities are accessible.

In addition, EDRN can customize training to fit your needs.