Getting a marriage license with your new name on it does not mean your name has automatically changed. If you need to change your last name, you can use an online marriage name change kit. If either partner is under 18, one parent or legal guardian must be present. If a parent can not be present, due to death, separation, divorce or other circumstances, proper evidence must be presented for verification.

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You will need a certified copy of your birth certificate. The couple must schedule an appointment with a counselor and then appear before a superior court judge. California Family Code, Section states the persons authorized to solemnize marriage ceremonies in California are as follows:. A judge or retired judge, commissioner of civil marriages or retired commissioner of civil marriages, commissioner or retired commissioner, or assistant commissioner of a court of record in this state.

Santa Clara County, CA Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce Records

A judge or retired judge of a court of appeals, a district court, or a court created by an act of Congress the judges of which are entitled to hold office during good behavior. A legislator or constitutional officer of this state or a member of Congress who represents a district within this state, while that person holds office. The person solemnizing the marriage must return the original marriage license to the County Clerk or County Recorder as applicable within 10 days of the date of the ceremony.

Addresses should be on the county site. You will NOT receive a copy of your marriage license after you have been married unless you request and pay for a certified copy from the County Clerk or County Recorder as applicable. DO NOT change any information on the license, cross out information, use white out, etc.

Where can go to apply for a marriage license in San Jose, California?

The public marriage license requires the signature of one witness, and if desired, has a place for an additional witness. No more than two witnesses may sign on the public marriage license.

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Only one signature per line is allowed. No witnesses may sign on the confidential marriage license. In addition, two of three murals by Mexican artist Gustavo Bernal Navarro have disappeared.

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The Guadalajara restaurant has the Guadalajara Market No. Fisher Middle School. The annual Cinequest Film Festival in downtown has grown to over 60, attendees per year, becoming an important festival for independent films. The San Jose Jazz Festival is another of many great events hosted throughout the year. The Earthquakes built an 18, seat new stadium that opened in March San Jose has "aggressively wooed" the Oakland Athletics to relocate to San Jose from nearby Oakland, and the Athletics in turn have said that San Jose is their "best option", but the San Francisco Giants have thus far exercised a veto against this proposal.

Olympic team trials for judo, taekwondo, trampolining and rhythmic gymnastics at the San Jose State Event Center. Martin Luther King, Jr. Lick Observatory on Mount Hamilton. The Bank of Italy Building. Five Wounds Portuguese National Church. Cathedral Basilica of St. The San Jose Museum of Art. The Chinese Cultural Garden. Winchester Mystery House. San Jose is a charter city under California law, giving it the power to enact local ordinances that may conflict with state law, within the limits provided by the charter. The San Jose City Council is made up of ten council members elected by district, and a mayor elected by the entire city.

During city council meetings, the mayor presides, and all eleven members can vote on any issue. The mayor has no veto powers.

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Council members and the mayor are elected to four-year terms; the even-numbered district council members beginning in ; the mayor and the odd-numbered district council members beginning in Council members and the mayor are limited to two successive terms in office, although a council member that has reached the term limit can be elected mayor, and vice versa.

The council elects a vice-mayor from the members of the council at the second meeting of the year following a council election. This council member acts as mayor during the temporary absence of the mayor, but does not succeed to the mayor's office upon a vacancy. The City Manager is the chief administrative officer of the city, and must present an annual budget for approval by the city council. When the office is vacant, the Mayor proposes a candidate for City Manager, subject to council approval. The council appoints the Manager for an indefinite term, and may at any time remove the manager, or the electorate may remove the manager through a recall election.

The Santa Clara County LAFCO has set boundaries of San Jose's "Sphere of Influence" indicated by the blue line in the map near the top of the page as a superset of the actual city limits the yellow area in the map , plus parts of the surrounding unincorporated county land, where San Jose can, for example, prevent development of fringe areas to concentrate city growth closer to the city's core. The LAFCO also defines a subset of the Sphere as an 'Urban Service Area' indicated by the red line in the map , effectively limiting development to areas where urban infrastructure sewers, electrical service, etc.

San Jose is the county seat of Santa Clara County. Several state and federal agencies maintain offices in San Jose. Crime in San Jose had been lower than in other large American cities until , when crime rates in San Jose climbed above California and U. The designation is based on crime statistics reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in six categories: murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault , burglary, and auto theft.

Recently, the city had the second lowest violent crime rate of any city with , or more residents, only behind Honolulu.

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  • San Jose is home to several colleges and universities. Located in downtown San Jose since , the university enrolls approximately 30, students in over different bachelor's and master's degree programs. The school enjoys a good academic reputation, especially in the fields of engineering, business, art and design, and journalism, and consistently ranks among the top public universities in the western region of the United States.

    Berkeley are the other two. Most classes are offered both online and in the downtown campus. Many of the students are working professionals in the Silicon Valley. National University maintains a campus in San Jose. Santa Cruz is in Santa Cruz, California.

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    Berkeley , U. San Francisco , U. WestMed College is headquartered in San Jose and offers paramedic training, emergency medical technician training, and licensed vocational nursing programs. The campus relocated in to Santa Clara. Western is an evangelical, Christian graduate school that provides theological training for students who hope to serve in a variety of ministry roles including pastors, marriage and family therapists, educators, missionaries and lay leadership.

    The San Jose campus offers four master's degrees, and a variety of other graduate-level programs. National Hispanic University offered associate and bachelor's degrees and teaching credentials to its students, focusing on Hispanic students, until its closing in San Jose has elementary, 47 middle, and 44 high public schools. Public education in the city is provided by four high school districts, fourteen elementary districts, and four unified school districts which provide both elementary and high schools.

    Private schools in San Jose are primarily run by religious groups. Martin Luther King Jr. Library combines the collections of the city's system with the San Jose State University main library. In , construction of the library, which now holds more than 1. The city has 23 neighborhood branches including the Biblioteca Latinoamericana which specializes in Spanish language works. As the result of a bond measure passed in November , a number of brand new or completely reconstructed branches have been completed and opened. The yet-to-be-named brand new Southeast Branch is also planned, bringing the bond library project to its completion.

    Like other American cities built mostly after World War II, San Jose is highly automobile dependent, with 76 percent of residents driving alone to work and 12 percent carpooling in In the city extended these goals to with its San Jose Climate Smart plan, [] when driving alone to work is expected to drop to just 12 percent and transit is to leap to 35 percent of commute trips and walking and bicycling combined also to 35 percent of commute trips.

    Historic streetcars from History Park operate on the light rail lines in downtown during holidays. Originally, the extension was to be built all at once, but due to the recession, sales tax revenue has dramatically decreased. Because of this, the extension will be built in two phases.

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    Phase 1 will extend service to a temporary terminal in north-eastern San Jose in at Berryessa station. Construction has been approved and funded and began in Summer and will connect with the Warm Springs extension to southern Fremont. VTA also operates many bus routes in San Jose and the surrounding communities, as well as offering paratransit services to local residents. San Jose is served by Norman Y. The airport is also near the intersections of three major freeways, U.

    Route , Interstate , and State Route The San Jose area has a large freeway system, including three Interstate freeways and one U.