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The Fulton County Board of Health, Vital Records Office, acts as the local agent for printing certified birth and death certificates at the request of constituents. While the office only registers records for deaths that take place in Fulton County, we have the ability to print and issue certificates for births and deaths that occurred in any of the Georgia counties.

At Fulton County, we also have the ability to print copies of some historical birth records that occurred in Georgia as early as and historical death records that occurred as early as The Archives maintain a large, public collection of historical records plus a library of genealogical histories.

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Fulton County Vital Records has skilled staff available to assist with this process from a. Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays. A free notary service is provided for this process only. We are not able to assist with this service after p. This service is provided from a.

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We are not able to assist with this service after these hours. Note: We do not accept American Express. DO NOT send cash in the mail. Vital Records Rule and Regulation Birth Certificates are only issued to applicants having a direct and tangible interest, primary immediate family members, or legal representatives of the family. See the list below:. Georgia law and the State Department of Public Health regulations require that all requests for vital records include the signature and picture ID of the requestor and the proper fee.

A certified copy of a birth certificate issued by the Fulton County Board of Health, Vital Records Office, will have an embossed, slightly raised seal, bear the signature of the State Registrar, as well as the County Registrar, and will be printed on security paper. Certified Death certificates issued will contain a raised seal. The following series of questions will guide you. Will the document be used in a foreign country, foreign embassy or foreign consulate? Georgia Issued Vital Records, Court Documents and Corporations Division Documents: Publicly recorded documents must be official certified copies with the signature and seal of the issuing Georgia state or county official.

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These documents are never notarized. Note: These must be certified copies issued by the current Secretary of State. These can be certified copies issued directly from their office or they can be certified copies downloaded from their website.

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  7. Georgia Notarized Documents examples: powers of attorney, affidavits, corporate documents, translations, diplomas or school transcripts, etc. These documents must be properly notarized in accordance with Georgia laws before this office can authenticate them for use internationally.

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    When documenting a notarial act, the notary public completes a notarial certificate i. Federal documents that have been signed and sealed by a federal agency or federal court. This includes consular report of birth abroad. Contact the U. Department of State Authentications Office. Documents that will be used within the United States of America, its territories or possessions. Notes: Documents going to foreign embassies or consulates located within the U. Office hours: a. Monday through Friday no appointment is necessary. Checks must have a pre-printed name and address on check.

    Credit Card see credit card policy. New: Credit Card Pre-Payment Voucher System for third-party hand delivery Pay with a credit card for walk-in authentication services, eliminating the need to write company or personal checks, or provide couriers with cash. Pay with a credit card for mail-in authentication services, eliminating the need to write company or personal checks, or provide couriers with cash.

    Include a pre-paid, self-addressed envelope or airbill for return. The Apostille Convention provides for the simplified certification of public including notarized documents to be used in countries that have joined the convention. With this certification, the document is entitled to recognition in the country of intended use, and no certification by the U. Department of State, Authentications Office or legalization by the embassy or consulate is required.

    The apostille authenticates the signature and seal of the issuing public official or notary public and is not valid for use anywhere within the United States of America, its territories or possessions. It does not authenticate the contents of the document.

    The apostille is a single sheet of paper, in a highly structured format, bearing the state seal of Georgia and is attached to your document. If documents are brought to our office, depending on the number of documents submitted, it typically takes less then twenty minutes. If documents are mailed to our office, the processing time is normally one to two business days. Department of State Authentications Office www.

    The language of the document is not relevant. The apostille is for the purpose of authenticating the signature and seal of the notary public and if the document was properly notarized. The apostille process compares your document's issuing public official's signature to those we have on file.

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    For older documents, we may not have that signature on file. An apostille is a single sheet of paper that is in an internationally agreed-upon format, containing ten distinct items. The apostille will be attached to your document. We highly encourage adoptive parents to contact our office prior to document submission to insure their documents have been prepared correctly and satisfy our requirements.

    It must contain the issuing state or county official's signature and seal of office. Some vital records can be ordered online at www. The divorce decree must be an official certified copy issued by the county issued by the county Clerk of Superior Court and preferably have been issued since the year People can write to the local clerk or court of ordinary if they wish to obtain a copy of these. A large number of the records collected before are currently kept by the Georgia Department of Archives and History. The Family History Library also has some copies dating up to the earlys on microfilm.

    Birth records can refer to either the original birth certificate itself, or a certified copy of the original. Unlike many states, Georgia does not store its birth records in separate categories depending on date. Instead, they started recording the documents in an organised fashion in after Georgia introduced a state-wide registration of birth records. This rule was not fully complied with until , but records have been recorded in this way ever since.

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    A few of the Georgian counties even began recording in the post-Civil War era. Some county birth and delayed registrations are stored on microfilm by the Family History Library. In , Georgia introduced a state-wide registration of death records, something that was eventually full complied with by

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