When people connect to their ISP's network using a desktop computer, mobile satellite phone or mobile cellular phone or an Internet appliance, their IP's physical location is associated with an account owner's information is digitally stored on a dedicated server used to issue the service bills, making it possible for legal authorities to easily trace an Internet user's physical location.

Furthermore, even without having a legal warrant to request an owner's account address information from an ISP, using tools like TraceMyIP. When you send emails, post on web forums, use instant messengers or access any online accounts - your computer's IP is logged by the network receiving communication requests. This is an essential step that cannot be avoided and contributes to various technical, security and privacy aspects. Both IPv4 and IPv6 address formats are similar in their implementation and thus are captured by the web servers' statistical software in the same way.

Any digital computer device that has a capability to connect to world wide web whether it's using wireless wifi connection, Bluetooth, 3G or 4G implementation is detected by TraceMyIP, LLC.. However, the mobile devices that utilize IP address identification are not limited to phones, tablets and laptops applications. As previously mentioned, the smart appliances are the new era of the Internet connected devices that have embedded end-user web navigation interfaces allowing users to access the web.

Whether connected via a proprietary protocols or internal networks - all of them are identified by a unique Internet Protocol address. As the network deployment emerges, all devices - from personal computers to autopilot GPS navigation systems eventually become a part of the same global network.

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The latest developments in home automation devices and software, also add another vast array of digital computer devices to those that utilize IP addresses, thus each time they're connected to the WAN network, identify themselves on the wired or wireless network. One option is to connect your wired or wireless Internet devices to a local network or a hotel, airplane and any mobile hotspot network that is not your local home network. When you connect to any public network in a hotel for example, your IP will appear as that as assigned by a hotel wifi access router.

This can be an effective measure of an extra security precaution. However, a precaution should be taken anytime you connect to public networks. Every time you travel anywhere in the world, take family, personal or business vacations, you will most likely have to connect using publicly available networks such as those available in resorts, hotels, cruise ships, airplanes or restaurants.

Whenever you use public networks, always keep in mind that the networks may be monitored with packet capture software, that logs all of the outbound information on that particular LAN network. Another security risk factor to consider is being connected to the same LAN network with other computers. If your computer has any type of file sharing or transfer capabilities enabled, you'll be revealing the information on your computer with all other people connected to the same network in hotels, resorts, cruise ships, airplanes and restaurants.

Another credit should be given to vpn proxy server option is that allows you to hide an IP address by using a virtual private secure proxy server. This helps to conceal your private IP information to a certain extent, however, if not carefully selected, it may do more harm then good. All of your web browsing activity is transferred to a remove server first.

When using a proxy server, the recipient of your communications will see an IP address of the proxy server and not yours. There are plenty of hosted proxy server implementations on the world wide web offer free online user accounts to hide your online identity.

This, however, is not always safe and a bullet-proof method. Using anonymous proxy servers from unknown and not reputable providers to hide your Internet protocol address while using phones, tablets and computers may actually present a more serious threat that can eventually contribute to the digital information leak and all risks associated with it.

Since the digital data from those wireless and wired devices has to pass through a third party proxy server, any information you transmit through that server can be intercepted and indexed, including any messages you may have sent including but not limited to your account login and password information that you may utilize for any online services. In attempt to search a better privacy on Internet, many individuals utilize methods like the proxy servers, not realizing that the danger of privacy breach is actually greater while using the proxy services that claim to be secure.

Furthermore, in order to trace and check on people's illegal activity, some government agencies setup free open proxy servers to monitor activity of those people who are most likely to have something to hide. The risks are most often related to those proxy services that offer completely free services and are unknown of origin. Never access any of your digitally stored financial account information, including online credit card banking systems, initiate transfer of funds, pay your bills or mortgages online or register any online banking accounts that contain a secure information while using a free proxy server using your phone, tablet, laptop or a desktop computer.

As a matter of fact, most of the electronic identity theft cases targeted at financial sectors and being investigated worldwide are the direct result of digital information theft via utilization of so called free proxy servers that offer free online user accounts. First of all, every single Internet user has an IP number, therefore a chance of you becoming a victim of a malicious attack is minimized by the overwhelming pool of IP addresses available to those who exercise this type of activity.

Second of all, to protect your privacy, the Internet Service Providers do not release any digitally stored legal or financial bank information to anyone but legal authorities. Therefore your private information connected to your ISP provider generally remains very secure.

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There is still a chance though that you may become a target of an Internet hacker attack. An IP address attack spoofs your local Internet connection by trying to forge your computer's IP via software vulnerabilities.

If you have your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer connected directly to a high speed DSL or high speed Cable Modem without a router or a firewall, a hacker may be able to access the private data on your computer, especially if you use network file sharing or transfer enabled.

In this situation, it would not be a bad idea to get a good firewall software along with an antivirus software commonly used by most people such as Antivir or Avast!

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Some high speed DSL, Cable and Dish Internet service providers supply this type of security software at no cost to the people who use their services. There is also definite advantage of having a true hardware firewall built-in into a router or DSL, Cable or Dish modem. While a software firewall is good and gives you full data transfer control, it may be susceptible to viruses, misconfiguration and crashes, while a hardware firewall does what it claims to do and always runs in the background.

While a hardware firewall is generally more stable, allowing only outgoing traffic, it generally gives you a somewhat limited control of your inbound traffic. However, it provides you with the best possible protection to all of the computers on your local network from a dangerous inbound traffic. All high speed Internet service providers, including but not limited to DSL, Cable and Dish network are susceptible to end user security risks, although many of them take extra steps to protect their users. Trace My Internet Presence v9. Save ID Register. Your IP info is only visible to you.

Service rated 4. This week, my IP address is Yes, no relation to Nashville, TN. Geobytes is alone in placing me in Wilson, NC.

The pie chart is an interesting strategy. The slimmest slices of the pie chart are unlabeled, or are labeled with only a half-a-letter.

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And the kicker is that Nashville NC is not represented in the pie chart as far as I can tell or the table of possible locations. Half a year ago, no geolocation services recognized I am in Nashville NC. Today, 1 out of 10 correctly places me in Nashville NC , which I guess is an improvement. Thank you for the correction, and your kind words. With regards to the pie graph, you may have already found this yourself, but in any case the easiest way to see the full location that a slice represents, is to click on the slice, and then read the location from the table below — as it updates to whichever slice you click on.

Gives incorrect location for Tried several other sites and they are correct. One is correct. The other is Bothel, WA. The location of my IP address is way off! My IP address is: How do I change correct this problem or do you fix it? Thank you for any help. In any case, thanks for letting us know about the error, and please let me know if I can assist further.

The original service — at 20 free look ups per hour, was intended to be used manually, but as people started using robots to access the service we try to support that by adding templates, and this would have been fine if people had limited there robots to us the free 20 lookups per hour.

However, some people just let there robots bash away at the page, at un-imaginably high rates so we have had to move this traffic to away from our primary web site — hence the move. However, we are keen to provide the service that people require, so the new location has been built to handle very high load — and that is why we have been able to increase the free look ups per hour from 20 to 16, accesses per hour.

So while it is a pain to have to update your code — we hope that you will agree that it is worth it. Hopefully other providers will update their records form there also. Unfortunately the IP location data are more or less totally wrong … each other service knows that my ip is located in Berlin and also knows the Provider. But this service is locating me in Switzerland… When you look up these ips elswehere — they are much more accurate. How do you create a login? Just looked up my own IP address. It got it dead wrong. Im from Denmark, This say im from the Netherlands.

Maybe I should do some evaluation of how correct the answers are?! The purpose of the WHOIS data is to identify the entity person or company to which a block of addresses have been delegated. On the other hand, the purpose of the Geobytes map is to map IP Addresses to geographical locations.

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To achieve this we acquire seed data from a number of sources. We then run this data through a series of algorithms which identify and extract collaborating seed points. In addition to accuracy, the problem with using WhoIs data is that it contains phantom addresses — addresses that have been allocated but are not used. What this means is that a WhoIs based database will have to be 10 times larger than it would otherwise need to be.

Well so far, the only data I have indicate that whois is correct within 1 km, while Geobytes is over km off. I want to know this, because the sort of IP addresses I want accurate location on are exactly the university users, and the country two times removed is not really usable. They will likely have lots of different localities reported on various websites e.

Its for a internet radio station. Would like to use it for a internet radio station.