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Quick links How to create linked list How to traverse linked list Example program. Delete a node from the end of a Linked List. Delete all nodes of a Linked List. Count number of nodes of a Linked List. Search an element in a Linked List.

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Swap two nodes of a Linked List. Search through your array and find the item. If the person is not in the list, then print a message to the user saying that. If the person is in the list, ask them for the new email address and phonenumber and update the structure accordingly. Add the following prototype to the file process. Edit will modify the user information in the array of structures. Add the ability another menu option to save your contact information to a file.

The data should be stored as name emailaddress phonenumber My Code So Far the main. Why are you using realloc when you really want malloc? Or perhaps I should say, why are you not taking into account the number of entries already in the phone book when you are adding new entries.

Compilers can produce warnings - make the compiler programmers happy: Use them! Please don't PM me for help - and no, I don't do help over instant messengers. You've got code for the function add in main.

13 BEST C Programming Books for Beginners ( Update)

It also looks like some of it is outside of any block of code the two calls to free , unless that's a typo. This is a small console application that simulates a contact management database. The data that a user inputs is saved to an external dat file contactdatabase. This project also employs the use of Malloc , which is used to allocate memory on the fly at runtime for dynamic data structures, in this case a single linked list. Upon entering a new contact, a unique ID account number is allocated to that contact.

Singly Linked List

Note that at present, if this contact is removed, that ID account is NOT freed up for use by an additional new contact. I hope you all find this interesting and useful, I think the comments explain pretty well what is going on in the program, so those who are new to C will appreciate this most: P.

Hi I had worked with the above code..

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In this code program is working fine but only its not reading name which is being given by user.. And do send correct code..

Why is the C Programming Language Still Used?

Hi It would have been a bit more nice in the find contact part if the file contains contactname "Jason" and to find "Jas" and "Jason" would appear since the first letters corresponds to "Jason". Just like in searching in mobile phones. Just a suggestion though. As you said, this is one of your first projects - a small one, but it is a project. I would like to share with you some pointers that will make your life easier when you move to larger projects, or even when this the small one starts growing.