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Town of Mount Hope Police Department. Search accident reports by name and date of accident. Town of Mount Hope Tax Collector. Town of New Windsor Receiver of Taxes.

Calls For Service. Newburgh , Orange County, New York. City of Newburgh Police Department. Incident Reports. Newburgh, Orange County, New York.

City of Newburgh Parking Violations Bureau. City of Newburgh Code Compliance. Search official city records of registered plumbers. City of Newburgh Tax Collector. Otisville , Orange County, New York. Village of Otisville Tax Collector. Tuxedo , Orange County, New York. Town of Tuxedo Police Department. Town of Tuxedo Receiver of Taxes. Unionville , Orange County, New York. Village of Unionville Clerk. Arrest Warrants. Walden , Orange County, New York. Village of Walden Police Department.

Search official records to determine if arrest warrants exist.

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Arrest Warrants Criminal Records. Village of Walden Treasurer. Wallkill , Orange County, New York. Town of Wallkill Receiver of Taxes. Warwick , Orange County, New York. Town of Warwick Receiver of Taxes. Washingtonville , Orange County, New York.

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Village of Washingtonville Police Department. Wawayanda , Orange County, New York. Town of Wawayanda Tax Collector. Woodbury , Orange County, New York. Town of Woodbury Tax Collector. Village of Woodbury Tax Collector.

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Criminal Cases - Pending. New York - Statewide. Criminal Court Criminal Records. Statewide check for criminal convictions.

Very Poor. Family and Integrated Domestic Violence Courts. New York State Unified Courts.

Divorce Certificates

Search open family court cases throughout the state. Jail Inmates Mega Search. Search official county jail records to determine if a person is currently incarcerated. Virginia - Statewide. Virginia Courts Case Information System. The archives is responsible for developing and implementing policy and procedures related to retention and disposition of records, micro-graphics, filing and retrieval, vital records protection and security, system analysis, and historical document collection and preservation.

They are also accountable for the maintenance and storage of active and inactive records generated by county departments. View Our Land Records Online. View Our Court Records Online.

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Welcome to the Archives website where you will find helpful information about our modern day operations. Population , County Seat Goshen. Links to the Orange County probate court's website, the address, a map and a phone number to call to get more information. New York Probate Forms:.

Orange County Probate Forms:.

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In order to transfer ownership of real property after someone dies, you need to find the last recorded property deed. A county land records office is the place to research and request such deeds. Empowering Consumers Since