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Indiana State Records StateRecords. Last Name:. Indiana Public Records Indiana State Records has a mission to give every Indianan the tools needed to access and obtain government-generated public records. Nov 7, pm Dr.

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Phil on Ukrainian adoption scandal: 'Are you a year-old scam artist? Oct 22, am Transgender man wins appeal after judge denies gender-marker change - Indiana Lawyer. Oct 21, am State seeks gag order request for Michael and Kristine Barnett - wlfi.

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Oct 14, am Indiana family believes they were scammed into adopting girl who was actually an adult - WVLT. Aug 27, am Charges filed in trail attack News - Indiana Gazette. Jul 27, am State police issue warrants News - Indiana Gazette.

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Jul 22, am 'It's dangerous': Why two trans women in Indiana fought to keep their name changes private - Indianapolis Star. May 21, am Police serve warrants on meth lab suspects News - Indiana Gazette. True crime dramas have become a recent cultural addiction. With the release of media like the popular documentary Making of a Murderer and the podcast Serial , everyone seems eager to express theories about real court cases. This phenomenon raises some questions about public records.

Indiana Public Record Laws

Without public access to court records, these cases could not have been so widely discussed and dissected. As these dramas demonstrate, public access to and dissemination of court information has the potential to affect perceptions of court cases and affect change regarding those cases—even years later. Both the federal and state governments determine public access to government files such as court records.

Johnson, generally protects the right of any person to request access to federal agency records or information.

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There are a few exemptions and special law enforcement exclusions to this, such as national security information or trade secrets. State laws concerning freedom of information vary. The Indiana Access to Public Records is a series of laws designed to guarantee public access to any information created, maintained or filed by government agencies.

Exemptions under Indiana law are very similar to federal exemptions. Court records fall under the umbrella of information that is generally available for public inspection. However, some records and record information cannot be disclosed because they are deemed confidential either by law or by court rule. The following are examples of confidential court record information:.

Excluding confidential records, public court records are available to anyone and may be used for news publications, academic research and non-profit organizations. Yes please Not now. News Call 6 Investigates. Actions Facebook Tweet Email. Columbus PD violated Indiana public records law, judge rules.

Updated: By: Kara Kenney. A longtime Columbus resident and former mayor has prevailed in her nearly three-year fight against the city for violation of the Indiana Access to Public Records Act, a decision some hope will prompt other government agencies to be more forthcoming with information. Groth made headlines for fighting for Mike Pence and state lawmakers to disclose their emails.

A public access request is not like a catch-all discovery request in court. For an email request, for example, know the sender, the recipient, the timeframe the email was sent, and the subject matter of the email.

Steps to request public records:

Ask for one record or one set of records at a time if possible. Piling on the requests usually leads to delay. Bureaucrats are people too and building baseline positive relationships with them can often lead to request success. Help them help you.