A jury found Gregg guilty of armed robbery and murder and sentenced him to death.

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On appeal, the Georgia Supreme Court affirmed the death sentence except as to its imposition for the robbery conviction. Gregg challenged his remaining death sentence for murder, claiming that his capital sentence was a "cruel and unusual" punishment that violated the Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments. This case is one of the five "Death Penalty Cases" along with Jurek v.

Texas, Roberts v. Louisiana, Proffitt v. Florida, and Woodson v. North Carolina. Is the imposition of the death sentence prohibited under the Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments as "cruel and unusual" punishment? In the first of these cases, Troy Leon Gregg, the petitioner, against the state of Georgia, there is no opinion for the Court, however Mr.

Justice Powell, Mr. Justice Stevens and I have filed a joint opinion with the Clerk this morning, which because of the divisions among the court, is the prevailing decision. In summarizing our opinion in this case I speak as much for Mr.

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Justice Powell and Mr. Justice Stevens as I do for myself this is I say is a joint opinion. The issue in this case is whether the impositions of the sentence of death for the crime of murder under the law of Georgia violates the Eight and Fourteenth amendments. About two hundred forty miles north of Miami on the Florida Turnpike, their automobile broke down.

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Thereafter, they again picked up Gregg and Allen and resumed their journey northward. En route, both Simmons and Moore were seen in possession of large sums of money. At the intersection of I and I in north Florida, another hitchhiker, Dennis Weaver, was picked up.

Gregg v. Georgia

He rode with the group until he got out at the intersection of I and Highway 23 North Druid Hills Road in Atlanta, Georgia, at approximately p. Gregg drove during the time Weaver was in the car while Simmons and Moore did considerable drinking. No fighting words were exchanged by any of the men while he was present.

Allen stated to a police detective in the appellant's presence as follows: that at the intersection of Georgia Highway 20 and I in Gwinnett County, Georgia, they stopped for a rest stop and Simmons and Moore got out; that Gregg turned around and told Allen to get out, "we're going to rob them"; that Gregg lay up on the car with a gun in his hand to get good aim and as Simmons and Moore were coming back up the bank he fired three shots; that one of the men fell and the other staggered; that Gregg then circled around the back of the car and approached the two men, both of whom were then lying in a drainage ditch; that Gregg placed the gun to one's head and pulled the trigger, then went quickly to the other one and placed the gun at his head and pulled the trigger again; that he took their money and whatever contents were in their pockets; and that he then told Allen to get in the car and they drove away.

The bodies of Simmons and Moore were found in the drainage ditch. A State Crime Laboratory medical examiner stated that death was caused by gunshot wounds, that Simmons had been shot in the right corner of the right eye in the region of the temple and Moore had been shot once in the right cheek of the face and once in the rear of his head. On Friday morning, November 23, , the hitchhiker, Dennis Weaver, went to an Atlanta restaurant for breakfast.

While there he noticed an article on the front page of an Atlanta newspaper that led him to call the Gwinnett County Police Department.

In response to a bulletin from Gwinnett County authorities, the Asheville Police apprehended Gregg driving Simmons' Pontiac at about p. November 24, With him in the car were Allen and three other persons. Ballistics tests subsequently established that bullets from the gun in Gregg's pocket caused the death of Simmons and Moore.

Weaver accompanied police officers to Asheville where he identified the automobile in which he had ridden with Gregg and the two victims, and headbands worn by Gregg and Allen. The Man raced back to church told the priest that death was angry and asked the priest to hide him, protect him, send him away, anything to save him from death.

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The priest decided to get him on a plane to Rome. Later that night the priest chased down death and asked why he was angry at the man.

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Death said he was not angry but confused since he was to meet with the man in Rome tomorrow. I just got here. I mean, neither option is particularly attractive, but I think I'd rather die in a bar fight than die in prison.

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I'm not sure myself. One way is a violent, brutal, and probably slow death. They other is a method intentionally designed to be as quick and humane as possible. And be the bitch that lost a fight?

Nah everyone expects you to lose in prison though. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. TIL Troy Leon Gregg, a death row inmate in Georgia, escaped the night before his execution only to be killed in a bar fight that very same night.

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