1. A healthy church produces new leaders.

And as it relates to worship, a church that prays, disciples, and preaches will naturally lift voices toward the heavens in worship. The most important questions to be asked about the music and worship of any church are the same as those mentioned above. Does our worship cling to the truths of Scripture?

Does it promote discipleship? Is it evangelistic?

A Healthy Church: Growing Together - Build God's Church (12)

And does it preach the Word faithfully through song? Healthy churches come in all shapes and sizes. Some healthy churches are very well off with large staffs, while other healthy churches rely on bi-vocational pastors. Some healthy churches are very modern, and others are very traditional.

The Healthy Church in 2029: Ten Major Changes in Ten Years

But, regardless of what else characterizes a healthy church, you can rest assured healthy churches hold closely to the five principles listed above. Use the checklist below to begin to determine if your church is healthy or unhealthy. Look past the numbers, and look to the heart. Do these five principles characterize your church?

Inspiring worship that glorifies God and engages the hearts, minds, and emotions of people with God must be a trait of our community worship.

We are committed to meeting the worship needs of the various generations and subcultures attending our churches. Commitment to this mission guides the ministries and decisions of the church. Church structures should facilitate biblical purposes of the church. A willingness to change and take risks is crucial to ongoing effectiveness for local church ministry. We are committed to intentional leadership development and the exercise of the leadership gifts.

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We desire to see trained, godly individuals who are spiritually mature lead our local congregations. We desire to see mature leaders deployed in ministry as workers for the harvest. Healthy leaders not only promote the spiritual growth of the members, but also develop, empower, and release them for ministry. Healthy congregations are committed to reproducing themselves. We have a vision for planting or facilitating the planting of churches in our community, district, and world. Believing that God desires the EFCA to reflect cultural, economic, and ethnic diversity, we will be intentional in planting healthy churches among all people who make up our nation and our world.

Seven Traits of a Healthy Church - Rainer on Leadership #

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