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Hope that helps :. Your website is very helpful. We live in Texas and have rental properties in Texas, California, and Colorado. Is a Series LLC an advantageous business formation for our situation? I recommend speaking with a few real estate attorneys and tax professionals regarding the best setup. I also recommend reading when to form an LLC for real estate. Thank you for your information about cancelling my previous EIN and starting a new one, My new question is about filling out the new EIN. Would it be both of us? Just me?

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And you filled out your Certificate of Formation correctly. As an FYI, via your Operating Agreement, you and your partner agreed to be Members owners , then you both agreed that you have the authority to run the day-to-day and make decisions aka be the Manager. Hope that helps! Speaking with an accountant would also be a good idea. I have an LLC in Texas already, but wanted to know how complicated it is to change the name?

Is it easier to just start a new one? Hi Rosie, there is no requirement to do it either way. Some people like to separate the business activities for liability reasons and others just operate and own through 1 LLC.

Very informative. Have been looking around about how to start up my own little LLC. You have asked every question and ones I would not have thought of. I was wondering with taxes, if it would be more beneficial to put just myself or put it with my wife and I like in Qualified Joint Venture LLC.? Hey Jacob, thanks so much! Glad to hear. Thank you for your understanding. Matt, thank you for running this website. This website is very useful to me. I do not expect to have many clients and income at this time. One more questions, what is the different between Franchise Tax and Annual reporting in Texas?

Are they the same or I should file them separately? I see. They are usually referring to the same thing.

How to Apply Online for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) (2019)

Matt Horwitz. Forming an LLC shouldn't be so complicated. Matt Horwitz April 22, Hey Herb, we really appreciate your comment!

To establish a sole proprietorship in Texas, here's everything you need to know.

Very happy to hear we could help : reply. Matthew June 2, This is a great resource for anybody starting a business. Matt Horwitz June 2, Hey Matthew, glad you found this helpful! Matthew June 4, Thank You! Thank you! Zo March 17, Matt, Can you provide instructions on how to get a reseller certificate for Texas? Hope that helps : reply. Abby March 20, Your website is very helpful. Thank you, reply. Matt Horwitz November 23, Hi Rosie, there is no requirement to do it either way.

Jacob Fierro November 3, Hello, Very informative. Much Obliged, Jacob R.

How to Register for a Sales Tax Permit in Texas

Fierro reply. Matt Horwitz November 4, Hey Jacob, thanks so much! PK January 3, Matt, thank you for running this website. Matt Horwitz January 7, I see. While the above list is not comprehensive, it covers the most common factors considered. Notably, Texas also requires a seller's permit for those who provide taxable services , such as data processing and insurance. Even if you already had a seller's permit for another business or if your business under another owner had one, you must apply for a new seller's permit. A seller's permit is required for digital goods in Texas as the state considers electronic items to be taxable.

The Comptroller has more specific information regarding online sales on its website. On the application, you must provide information about you or your business, such as name and address, as well as a tax identification number—either your Social Security number SSN or employer identification number EIN.

How Do I Get a State Tax ID Number for a Small Business?

If a business doesn't yet have an EIN, the Comptroller will issue a temporary one until you receive it and issue a new permit thereafter. Texas doesn't charge a fee to acquire a seller's permit, but you may be required to put up a security bond, the amount of which the Comptroller determines upon evaluating your application. Once you receive your Texas seller's permit, the state expects you to display it conspicuously at your place of business and collect sales taxes on taxable sales. You must keep track of taxes collected and pay the appropriate amount of sales and use taxes to the state.

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  • Keeping your business up to date on sales taxes is an essential part of your duties as an owner. You can do it yourself, but you may find that working with a professional, such as an online legal services company , provides you added peace of mind that you're in full compliance with tax laws and regulations.

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