If you Google yourself, it is called autoGoogling or egosurfing. Please check the box if you want to proceed.

Find Out What Google and Facebook Know About You

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Searching for wedding bands brings up a ton of results, but most are for wedding rings — often called bands — not musicians that play at wedding receptions. The minus sign is your friend here.

You’ll Shudder When You See What Google Knows About Your Web Searches | The Mac Security Blog

Getting too many results for the Air and Pro? You can narrow your results to the previous week, month, year, or a custom time frame. Instead of just Googling US iran deal for the latest news, I can search site:nytimes.

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Ready for a more advanced lesson? People searching for you can still get in touch with you very easily, without signing up.

Can Someone Tell If I Google Their Name?

You can enter an array of contact information, social links, and a few details about yourself. You can also fetch a contact button from their site and place it onto your website or social profile. If someone sends you a message through WikiWorldBook, it will be forwarded to your eMail address.

Googling yourself is important because:

It not only allows you to find people with similar research interests and keep track of the latest developments in your research area, you can also set up your own profile and be notified once someone views it. Besides writing about yourself and defining your research interests, you can upload your publications, review papers or books you have read, and update your status. A category called Keywords lists all the search queries that were used to find your profile. So, did you Google your name and find weird results?

They could still ruin your reputation. Also, if a potential employer cannot find you on Google at all, it may not be to your advantage!

The following two articles will show you how:. Image credit: cobrasoft.

You’ll Shudder When You See What Google Knows About Your Web Searches

Your email address will not be published. After so many days, I Googled again for my name. Facebook and Linked In profiles are already taken by somebody else. Because I was using shkhanal, those who had Suresh.

Khanal as their username got higher rank. Anyway for all other entries, I found my links. I often discover that people have searched my name when I review visitor activity to my business webste, via CPanel. I checked immediately after reading your post. And none of them are mine.