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Are there sex offenders in your neighborhood? Use this map before your children return to school

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X Most Common Issues:. We've helped over 4 million people. Get Started. Judges designate certain offenders as sex "predators" if they are deemed an "extreme threat" to public safety because they have targeted children or engaged in physical violence against their victims.

Registration as a Sex Offender | Florida Sex Crime Lawyer

Sex offenders are required to register with local sheriffs once they leave prison or are placed on supervision. Legislative auditors noted that the state's registry lists more than 73, sexual offenders and predators, but the majority of them do not live among the public in Florida. Instead, many of them live in other states or have been sent back to prison. Auditors stated that the typical registered sex offender in Florida was a white, middle-aged male: 75 percent of those on the registry were white, followed by African-Americans at 24 percent.

Report: Number Of Sex Offenders Living In Florida Is Growing

The report includes a county-by-county breakdown showing that urban counties had the highest overall number of sex offenders. Orange County, which is in central Florida and home to Orlando, had the highest total with 2, followed by Duval County in northeast Florida with 2, registered offenders.

Additionally, Florida recognizes similar convictions for sex crimes in other states. Sex offenders and sex predators are both required to register with the state of Florida.

The 25 Year Rule for Sex Offenders in Florida

Sexual predators are defined differently in the state of Florida and are considered to be the more serious of the two. Someone will be classified as a sexual predator if he or she has been convicted of at least one first degree felony sexual misconduct charge or two second degree sexual misconduct charges. Sexual predators have stricter registration requirements. If you have been designated a sex offender, you will have to register with the local authorities in Florida several times a year. Additionally, sex offenders must:.

Requirements under Florida’s Sex Offender Registration Law

Registered sex offenders living in Florida must report it if they plan to move or to travel out of state. Moreover, there are numerous registration requirements under the law that are set forth in Florida Statute If you plead to a sex offense that requires sex offender registration in Florida, you must register for the rest of your life. In Florida, failure to register as a sex offender is a 3rd degree felony punishable as follows:. There are some local ordinances that may have stricter geographical requirements.

Sex offenders should check with their registration agency before planning a move.