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So why does one of the most beautiful areas of the country — a vacation destination for international visitors and a playground for the rich, famous and beautiful — have so many divorces? One married couple who are also licensed psychotherapists and couples' coaches in Aspen offer some thoughts. They note that Aspen isn't a place where just anyone can afford to live. The "Aspen lifestyle" carries an expectation of continuous gratification and good times. However, the sometimes tough realities of marriage and the hard work required to sustain them often don't mesh with that lifestyle.

As one of the therapists notes, there's an "ugly underbelly" of discontent below the glamorous surface. The popular motto "Relax, It's Aspen" may be easier said than done — particularly for those who live there rather than those who fly in for ski holidays each winter.

GI Bill Tuition Not Income in a Colorado Divorce

The couple notes that no matter where couples live, a common cause of marital problems is that people automatically blame their unhappiness on their spouse instead of doing some soul-searching to determine why they're really unhappy. Of course, if your spouse is a significant source of unhappiness for you and perhaps vice versa , it may be worthwhile to seek counseling.

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Active duty members can also receive the tuition payments, but not the housing allowance. The benefits are transferrable to family members in certain situations. Bill Count as Income in a Colorado Divorce?

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