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Ferrari's new cylinder really does make every journey a radically different experience.

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Whether being driven solo or with all four seats occupied, the latest addition to the Ferrari range puts people at the centre of a whole new world. The GTC4 Lusso was designed to deliver different and entirely surprising emotions. Needless to say, however, this does not in the least impinge on the signature sound of the Ferrari V12 in the cabin.

The man who built his own Lamborghini

E-Diff, F1-Trac, SCM and ESC to guarantee superb drivability in all weather conditions but the GTC4Lusso marks another major advance, by introducing new control and integration logics with evolved 4RM systems which are then also implemented with the rear-wheel steering. Both its 2. It is rich and powerful in performance driving and discreet yet harmonious in the city or on the motorway.


This makes the GTC4Lusso incredibly versatile: it is as at home in performance driving as it is in more GT-type contextssuch as city centres or on long journeys. Auto Racing Store Universe Corporate. No history of Ferrari is complete without mentioning that Enzo Ferrari worked for Alfa Romeo from to he wanted to get a job at Fiat after WWI , but restrictions on civilian auto traffic in Italy meant the company wasn't hiring and that he raced Alfas for another 10 years after that.

At Alfa, he achieved that dream and adopted the cavallino, or prancing horse , the insignia for his Alfa race car. In , Enzo Ferrari left Alfa Romeo's employment to start his own racing stable scuderia in Italian.

The True Story of 'Ford v. Ferrari' | Popular Mechanics

Scuderia Ferrari did not race cars with the Ferrari name, though the Alfas they used on the track did sport the prancing horse. Race cars came to the scuderia from Alfa for tuning for almost a decade, and the Ferrari shop in Modena built its first car, the Alfa Romeo Grand Prix racer, in In , Alfa took its racing program in-house, and Enzo Ferrari went with it.

After 10 years on his own, though, working for someone else proved difficult. He left Alfa or was dismissed for the last time in When Enzo Ferrari left Alfa Romeo, he agreed to not use his name in connection with racing for four years.

That wasn't so bad; WWII curtailed racing for most of those four years anyway. Ferrari moved from Modena to Maranello during the war, where it remains today. In , Ferrari began work on the cylinder engine the company would be famous for, and in , Enzo Ferrari drove the first S out of the factory gates.

Post-war racing was Ferrari's finest hour on the track. Driver Luigi Chinetti was the first to import Ferrari cars to the U.

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During the s, Ferrari had legendary engineers like Lampredi and Jano on the payroll, and bodies designed by the legendary Pinin Farina. Every time a race car was improved, the road car was the beneficiary. In , a Ferrari brought the team its first victory -- over Alfa Romeo, no less.

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The America hit the market in , as did the first in the long line of GTs. Production of all Ferrari cars grew from 70 or 80 a year in to more than by Enzo suffered a personal tragedy in , when his son Dino, who had helped develop Ferrari's V6 engine, died of muscular dystrophy at the age of The '60s started out pretty good for Ferrari: Phil Hill won the Formula 1 championship in using a 1.

After years of rivalry, the Texan beat the Italian in