This waiver must be filed with the Court. After the filing spouse provides all the necessary information about the agreements in the divorce to the attorney, a Final Decree of Divorce is prepared. Both spouses sign the Final Decree. The Final Decree may be presented to the Court for approval 61 days after Original Petition was filed.

State law requires the day waiting period. After the required time has elapsed, one spouse, usually the filing spouse, must appear in Court to present the Final Decree to the judge in a process often referred to as a prove up. The Final Decree of Divorce, as well as other supporting documents, are presented to the Court at this time.

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The attorney asks the party a series of questions about the divorce, the judge listens to the answers, reviews the documents, and decides if a divorce should be granted. To get started, please complete the uncontested divorce reduced retainer contract and client questionnaire along with submitting your payment in the amount of your total fees via our law pay portal. Find Lawyers. Log In. Sponsored Super Lawyers Selectees. Bryan J. Houston, TX Laura D. Richard L. Flowers, Jr. Susan F. Houston, TX Experienced divorce attorney. Serving Houston, Texas residents. Lennea M. Houston, TX Lennea M.

Cannon is an experienced divorce attorney practicing in the Houston area. Kimberly D.

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Moss is an experienced divorce attorney practicing in the Houston area. Todd M. Frankfort Houston, TX Experienced divorce attorney. Cheryl L.

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Donn C. Adam W. Katie A. Houston, TX Katie A. Custer is an experienced divorce attorney practicing in the Houston area. Adam J. Loreen C.

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Houston, TX Loreen C. Blackwell is an experienced divorce attorney practicing in the Houston area. Kristy M.

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Blurton is an experienced divorce attorney practicing in the Houston area. Ellie P.

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Houston, TX Ellie P. Call our office for a consultation to see if you qualify for a Flat Fee Divorce or Uncontested Divorce Attorney Robert Von Dohlen is not affiliated with this firm. There are many divorce attorneys in Houston who will charge you a flat fee for an uncontested divorce and that fee is usually substantially smaller than a contested and complex divorce proceeding.

Even if you and your spouse are in total agreement on the divorce issues, you should always consult with a licensed Texas family law attorney to ensure that your legal rights are protected during an uncontested divorce. A flat fee divorce is a divorce where an attorney and a client agree that the client will have their case taken care of for a previously agreed upon fee fixed amount as opposed to an hourly fee. Typically an attorney will take a retainer from a client, and the bill the client monthly as hourly fees accrue.

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